Race Timing Services by HOOYSUM LLC

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We are a race timing company providing a wide range of race timing services, from in-person full service finish line management to Do-It-Yourself iPhone/iPad timing apps. Please contact us at hooysum@gmail.com if you have any questions about our services.

We are located in Naperville IL and provide race timing services in surrounding cities in IL: Batavia, Aurora, Warrenville, St. Charles, Geneva. Schaumburg, Lisle, Downers Grove, Plainfield, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Wheatland, West Chicago, Montgomery, Oswego, Bolingbrook, Woodridge, Darien, Lemont, Darien, and other nearby areas in Illinois.

In addition to the in-person timing services, we provide race timing software for the race timers, organizers, coaches . Check out our RaceTimingApp

How our timing services are different from others:

STATE-OF-THE-ART TIMING SOFTWARE RUNNING ON IPHONES/IPADS: We developed our own timing software that can be easily integrated with the latest devices. Our software runs on iphones/ipads. No need to print out the results at the end of the race. No need to write down race day registries on paper. We will simply register them on the iphone/ipad devices. You can look up race results on your own iphone or on our ipads. You can look up information about a particular racer in a few seconds.

INSTANT RESULTS: You do NOT have to wait until the end of the race to get the results. We generate the results in realtime and upload to the Internet. 1 minute after a racer crosses the finish line, his/her finish time and ranking are posted to the Internet and updated on your iphone. In other words, the results are constantly calculated while the race is still ongoing even when there are still other racers on the field.

RACE APP GIVEN TO YOUR RACERS: Our services comes with a companion Race App developed for your race. We distribute the Race App to your racers via the itunes store. They can look up their results instantly when they cross the finish line while the race is still ongoing even when there are other racers on the field. Nobody likes to wait until everyone finishes the race. That is why we integrated our timing software with the Race app so your racers will know their results immediately, too. In addition, as other racers finish the course, the Race App will update the complete results. We can also put customized information about your race such as parking, maps, start time etc inside the Race app. See an app we developed for City of Lights 10K

RACE DAY REGISTRATION: We can register runners on the race day on the iphone. The new runners will be automatically uploaded to the race roster.

LOOK UP AND ANNOUNCE RACERS: Look up racers, find their t-shirt sizes, cities, bib numbers etc. Easily announce racers name as they cross the finish line. Our software comes with an easy-to-use search feature. Simply enter the racer’s name or bib number and get all the information (finish time, shirt size, city, etc.)

We provide 2 main services:

1) IN-PERSON TIMING SERVICES: We can come and do the timing for you. You do not have to deal with any aspects of the finish line. We can bring finish line equipment (clocks, finish line chute, stanchions, and so on). Since our timing software runs on ipads/iphones, we do not carry around computers, printers, power cords, etc. We work faster and more efficiently, and therefore our costs are lower. What this means is that you pay less.

2) RACETIMINGAPP: a Do-It-Yourself solution for timing and managing your races on your own on the iPhone/iPad. This is perfect for races with a small budget. RaceTimingApp will handle timing, race day registry, instant results, automatic web uploads, runner lookup, and results. For more information about the RaceTimingApp, visit How It Works section.

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Email: hooysum@gmail.com

For any support questions, please email support@racetimingapp.com